15 Jun

This blog is so on point and well written that I wish I had written it…..least I can do is re-post it just in case anyone is paying attention;)

Wheevolution. Now.

It’s a crazy late, I’ve been at my computer for over 14 hrs and I’m tired as shit…but I know that if I don’t put my thoughts down now and finish this piece, I’m NOT gonna be able to sleep anyway. So away away I go, deep into the latest Occupy can of worms about livestreaming, and debates about transparency, security and privacy. I’m pretty emotional right now, but fortunately wrote most of this yesterday in a more thoughtful state.

Today has been a day full of conflict, anger, tears and laughter. My brain hurts from multitasking – meetings, conversations, actions, streams. Sometimes it hurts just from the mental coordination, others it’s because my heart is so deeply in it. How much I want things to change. How strongly I feel about issues like racism and misogyny and capitalism and hate, and how clear some things seem to me. If…

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